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If you are a school counselor, job search trainer, career resource coordinator, career coach, career development case manager, intake interviewer, occupational and labor market resource person, human resource professional, employment specialist, One Stop staff person, military recruiter, workforce development staff or an agency charged with…

  • Helping unemployed individuals with limited work experience to find jobs
  • Assisting workers that are hoping to change careers
  • Assisting employees with developing a career path
  • Assisting new recruits or enlisted men and women in developing a career path in the military or back to civilian life
  • Providing guidance to college students to help them set career goals and make decisions about a new career
  • Working with dislocated workers, displaced homemakers and other disadvantaged groups to find employment

Then the LDW Group LLC can help you earn the Global CDF Certification!

We offer CDF (Career Development Facilitator) training which is the required course to earn your Global CDF certification credential.  Other services to include career portfolios for professionals, program development and evaluation for organizations; job readiness workshops and life skills training to meet the needs of your clients as well as grant writing services.  The LDW Group LLC is a state of Ohio MBE and EDGE certified company and certified through the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District as a WBE, MBE and SBE.  The LDW Group LLC offers training and other services throughout the U.S.

MBE 2015

EDGE 2015