The Benefits of Earning the Global CDF Credential:


✓ Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Training is an extensive 120-hour program
✓ Earning the GCDF provides you with a portable credential
✓ The GCDF credential enhances your career with new skills and a marketable certification
The GCDF allows for recognition with an internationally-recognized certification!


Added Benefits of the eLearning FCD Course also Include:

Availability! More eLearning classes offered throughout the year for your choice.
Convenience! Take the class from the comfort of your home office.
Cost! eLearning course is approximately 30% less than the traditional in-class course.
Time! eLearning course allows you to take the course while still working your full-time job.

The workplace is constantly changing and the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) training offers the most comprehensive and effective way to acquire those skills today. And best of all, for those who complete the training, it is possible to attain the Global Career Development Facilitator or GCDF professional certification that is internationally recognized.  The real benefit of the GCDF certification, however, is becoming better equipped to help people. A well-trained FCD is equipped to help others answer the questions, “Who am I”, “Where am I going?” and “How will I get there?”

The LDW Group LLC offers the 120-hour hybrid eLearning FCD course required to earn the GCDF.  The FCD eLearning course requires you to commit to three face-to-face sessions (location to be determined by the instructor) and the remainder of the instruction online.  The online version of the course provides the added benefits of convenience and time by allowing more flexibility in scheduling your training and enjoying it from your home office.  Typically, students will spend about 80 hours in class (combined face-to-face and virtual) and about 40 hours of doing an independent field study project.


The Facilitating Career Development eLearning course is a very convenient and fun way possible for most people to take this important course. And for those students who are motivated to complete the course quickly because of on-the-job requirements, this is really a great option.


Facilitating Career Development Brochure



Click photo above to view and download the FCD eLearning Brochure