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Helping the Community Get Back to Work!

I want to give a big salute to Dr. Woodard! Thank you, Thank you for your strong Leadership and Guidance throughout this course. I believe participating in the GCDF Institute and receiving my credentials will successfully shine in my work experience and benefit others in their career path.

Higher Education

It has been my honor to participate in the GCDF Institute under the guidance of Dr. Linda D. Woodard. Becoming a new Career Development Professional in 2021, this course has broadened my horizon on possibilities to help my students and their communities. This course's structure and materials are not just relevant to the times we live but essential to give an abundance of resources to help all professionals and students transcend their base knowledge. Moving forward, I know with my GDCF certificate and a lifelong mentor in Dr. Linda, I will stay successful.

If you are a customer advocate or career developer you need this course!

I have just completed the "Facilitating Career Development Training" and had a such a fulfilling experience. Dr. Linda Woodard is one of the most supportive and knowledgeable instructors I have had in my many years of education. The curriculum fully supported what we do everyday as Customer Advocates and Career Developers, and the final research project both sharpened our research skills and our skills at work. It's courses like these that inspire us to push forward in what we do. Thank you so very much to the LDW Group and especially to Dr. Woodard!

Josh Hisle
Ohio Means Jobs, Warren County

Training the Trainer

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Dr. Woodard. When I needed consulting with the training academy of my organization she was right there with knowledge and patience.

Audrey M. Wiggins
Altogether Marketing LLC

Employment Services

Your training offered for the Facilitating Career Development was phenomenal and the resources priceless. Dr. Woodard was very educated in teaching the course and made it simple to understand and follow. She was available for questions and responded almost immediately. I am grateful for the opportunity and thankful for the knowledge and resources I was able to take from this experience. Thank you!

A Professional Development Necessity!

Dr. Woodard is an excellent instructor! She is very engaging, personable, and knowledgeable. This training should be mandatory for all Career Service Providers!

A health and fitness company designed to help make our community happier and healthier

Dr. Linda Woodard is a dynamic, intelligent, patient and prolific instructor. She not only help to prepare me to be a trendsetter in the field of carer services but she had inspired me to become the best version of myself possible. The knowledge that she imparted upon my class and I was groundbreaking and game changing. I truly believe that knowledge is power, and what you do with that knowledge, that is what makes you powerful. I would strongly encourage anyone interesting in strating a business, futhering their education, thinking about making a career change or needs to be inspired to operate at their highest and best calling; to please seek out Dr. Linda Woodard as a means to help you fulfill your destiny.
Thank you Dr. Woodard for being everything I never knew I needed in an instructor,

Theodore Atkins Jr.,
CEO-Toning By Teddy
P.S. Please feel free to reach out to me at 850-727-6758 with any questions you may have.

Theodore Atkins Jr, Entrepreneur
Toning By Teddy

Higher Education

As a Higher Education Administrator, I was self-confident that I knew everything about career development. The training conducted by Dr. Linda Woodard has provided a very large level of competencies and educational responsibilities. This training is much needed as we continue to prepare individuals for career training and development after a critical Global Pandemic.

I am now extremely confident that I will contribute to the future success of career and professional development to a diverse population of individuals.

Dr. Sabrina F. Edwards
Florida A&M University

An Abundance of Information with a Purpose

The training provided in this 12 week course has allowed me to expand my mind and resources to provide better advice, resources, and assistance in helping Veterans with Significant Barriers to Employment overcome, minimize, or mitigate their barriers to obtain gainful and sustainable employment in a career field instead of a job. The course competencies kept me engaged and motivated to learn, Thank you!!

Resources & Opportunities

I can't recommend this course enough! Dr. Linda guided us through the process with such knowledge, humor, and valuable feedback. What an amazing opportunity to expand my skillset and add resources to my toolkit.

Holly Miller
OhioMeansJobs Wood County

Knowledge, Technology, and Credentials!

I truly loved the class that gave me resources and helped me learn skills that will be useful in helping my customers. I loved my PowerPoint and my E portfolio. I love to learn and gain knowledge and excited to have credentials behind my name. Thank you for the opportunity Dr. Woodard!

Phenomenal Instruction!

Dr. Linda D. Woodard was exceptional at leading and guiding online instruction for this course and challenged me professionally to grow in many areas. Wonderful overall experience that stands out in a class by itself! I look forward to future challenges and opportunities to demonstrate these new skills in providing customers next-level career development services. Thank you so much for everything that you do!

Practical, Effective, and Valuable

Dr. Linda D. Woodard is an effective trainer who taught us to stay focused on the task at hand while ensuring we were learning and enjoying the journey. Her wit and sense of humor made the training fun. A job well done by a true professional.

Informative and Awesome Training

Facilitating Career Development Training (FCD) provided by Dr. Linda Woodard was and is very informative. It was great to see other peers assessments and recommendations of the practical exercises. I learned a lot form this course.

Thank you Dr. Woodard!

Professional Leadership through development

I would like to extend a great thank you to Dr. Linda Woodard for her utmost professionalism and duty to advancing the professional development of Ohio Workforce Development personnel such as my self. The course she instructed was detailed, inclusive, and in-depth with great course material and additional resource information that will better assist me with my day to day work duties while assisting Ohioans. I am a firm believer in Dr. Woodard and the professional development work she is providing.

Phenomenal training, Piqued my interest, now I must learn more

I really learned a lot, Dr. Woodard is an OUTSTANDING, TEACHER, MOTIVATOR, and PRESENTOR. This training has piqued my interest, now I am interested in learning more. I’d like to obtain other certificates offered through NCDA. Thanks again Dr. Woodard for all that you have done.

State of Ohio, Office of Workforce Development-OMJ -Cleveland/Cuyahoga County

Francetta Hines
State of Ohio, Workforce Development-OMJ -Cleveland/Cuyahoga County

Very Useful Course!

I found this course very useful and allowed me to learn new ideas and information to better assist in providing employment services. Dr. Woodard, I want to thank you for providing this course. Your knowledge and enthusiasm was appreciated. I highly recommend this course and Dr. Woodard to anyone providing individualized career services.

Jeff Adams
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

"Finding Your Next Opportunity"

Thank you! Dr. Woodard for the encouragement/opportunity you provided during my professional journey, by taking this course. However, I was very "optimistic" regarding returning to training-and it turns out I am still “passionate and still like what I do!”
This course helped me to identify how to connect on “Building A Personal Brand and Building a Professional Presence” to the customers I serve by "Improving the well-being of Ohio’s workforce and families by promoting economic self-sufficiency” and by enhancing customers’ abilities/skillsets to return back to work “with confidence/support.”
Thank you, once again for providing me the of opportunities to work with you and the NCDA community.

Ms. Kenni Ward
Workforce Development-OhioMeansJobs Hamilton-Cincinnati County

Truly Exceptional Training

My experience with Dr. Woodard and the Facilitating Career Development course was exceptional. Despite having to complete it online due to COVID-19 restrictions, the course was interesting and informative. Dr. Woodard was extremely knowledgeable and her enthusiasm and positive attitude were contagious. I also appreciated her accessibility and willingness to provide whatever assistance she could offer. I highly recommend this course.

Nicole Bentley
ODJFS Office of Workforce Development

Great Course

I found this course to be much more useful than I thought it would be with my 18+ years in the field. I learned of some great resources to help assist my customers. It was self-paced and pretty stress free. Thank you, Dr. Woodard, for your enthusiasm and energy! You are truly meant to teach this course.

Very satisfying training

I very much want to thank Dr. Linda Woodard for such a fantastic course. I entered this as a seasoned academic adviser not expecting to learn very much more than I had already learned about career advising in my 20+ years in education. I was pleased to find out that I was incorrect in my original assessment. I added a great deal of new "tools" to my already well stocked toolbox. I look forward to more fulfilling years in my career serving the students of my college thanks to Dr. Woodard's course. She is easy to understand and even easier to approach when seeking assistance. Please consider putting together a class with colleagues and taking this training for your Global CDF.

Engaging, work done at your own pace

Dr. Linda Woodard's Facilitating Career Development Training course was wonderful. It was done with a small group of professional peers and completely virtual (due to COVID-19). Even without the face-2-face, she made me feel welcome in the Zoom sessions and really helped guide me through the material. It was completely at our own pace and very low stress! As I worked through the course I was able to immediately put some of the concepts referenced to work with my students. Thank you Dr. Woodard for helping me become a better facilitator and career guide!

Haley Wilson
Santa Fe College

Outstanding Training!

The knowledge that Dr. Linda provided me during my FCD course in 2013 had a significant impact on my career development in the domain of Career Advising. Very happy that I gained this knowledge from the LDW Group LLC. Highly appreciated!

First Class Training

I had the pleasure and opportunity to be a part of an amazing group of Peers in this training program recently completed and I greatly appreciated the knowledge, connection, and collaboration gained from participation. Dr. Woodard was always focused on making sure we understood the requirements and made herself available for everyone in order to succeed. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to expand my circle of influence.

Enjoyable Class

I truly enjoyed myself in the class! Dr. Woodard was very thorough and knowledgeable of the information she presented! Her sound principals and teachings made the class materials understandable and relatable to the industry!

Awsome experience and practical

Dr. Linda Woodard taught an amazing class and is very committed to her students. There was not a time where I could not reach out to her for assistance and guidance throughout the course.She presents the information in a well organized manner that allows for full understanding, not only of the information, but how to utilize this information within your every day work performance.

Thank you Dr. Linda Woodard in helping me ascertain skills to assist me to get to the next level of my career!

Lorne M. Richardson, Workforce Development Specialist
Florida State College at Jacksonville


The Facilitating Career Development Training (FCD) provided by Dr. Linda Woodard was outstanding. She is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge and her style of teaching really resonated with me. From the course I was able to obtain my GCDF and CCSP certifications! I highly recommend Dr. Woodard if you are considering the FCD course!

Willie Stocker Jr, Career Development Practitioner
FCD 2017 Participate


Dr. Woodard is inspiring as well as educational. She kept the class fully engaged and was always supportive. This is a self-taught course and she checks in throughout and provides fun facts and updates. The course is challenging in areas but that is what learning is supposed to be and she provided the tools, resources and necessary encouragement. The Independent Study Project (ISP) was fun and personally rewarding. Dr. Woodard in addition to the course work is available outside the course for additional support for any follow-up questions or assistance. She is an incredible person to meet and very informative. I recommend her with complete enthusiasm and support.

Kris Valentine, Academic Advising
Academic Advisement Center-Santa Fe College

Such an amazing experience!

Dr. Linda Woodard taught a cohort of us at SF College for our Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) training and she was phenomenal! She gave us all the tools and training that we needed to complete the course. The course was fun because with our Independent Study Project (ISP), she did not limit us to a specific topic. We had the ability to choose something that we could use in our professional or personal lives. For example, I work in higher education, but I decided to focus my ISP on my love of photography. Dr. Woodard made herself available to her students by phone or email and gave additional advice beyond what she trained us for because she believed that we had the skillset pursue outside interests beyond our current career. I would recommend Dr. Woodard for any training as she is very personable and such an inspiration to all!

Shaura Thomas, Academic Advising
Academic Advisement Center-Santa Fe College

Amazing Training!

Linda was amazing! I learned many things under her tutelage. She is very clear and concise in her delivery. I have been able to use different tactics and best practices with our students. It has truly made a difference!

Jennifer Sanchez, Student Success Advisor II
Florida State College at Jacksonville, Career Services

LDW Group to GCDF to CCSP

Dr. Linda Woodard from the LDW Group LLC was patient, instrumental and informative in her training and preparation for achieving my goals of certifications and credentials in GCDF and CCSP. Thanks Linda Woodard- You Rock!

Kevin Hawk, Career Specialist
Cape Coral Technical College

Valuable information!

Thanks so much for the GCDF training. I learned so much and will be using much of what I learned on a regular basis. Creating a career portfolio is an excellent idea and sets you apart from other professional within your field. Thanks again for the training and the wisdom!

Erica Mack, Assoc Dir of Student Success
Florida State College at Jacksonville, Career Services


LDW Group LLC has supplied me with a plethora of tools that I am able to use daily in my current position. Also the tools that I can supply staff with that will increase their current customer service skill tremendously. Dr. Woodard facilitation of the Facilitation Career Development course was phenomenal. The energy Dr. Woodard displayed encouraged all class members to listen intently and follow instructions to the letter. Anyone interested in Facilitation Career Development Training should seek Dr. Woodard instructions. This is by far the best development course I have ever taken. This course would be the perfect course for my organization, and I believe our career services in the One Stop Center would increase twofold. This course surpassed all of my expectations. Thank you Dr. Woodard!!!

Maurice Menchan, District Director (Retired)
American Job Center at Gateway, CareerSource NEFL

Great Training!

Dr. Woodard course was phenomenal! Her instructional style and professionalism was outstanding. She guided us every step of the way. She was very confident in her delivery and her product and made sure we fully understood the curriculum. After taking this course, I am convinced that more of CareerSource staff could benefit from Dr. Woodard instruction and curriculum.


Temeka R. Perry, Workforce Development Specialist
Eckerd Connects

Career Tech School

I'm newer to career develop so taking Dr. Woodard's FCD course really helped me grasp the basic concepts and gave me great resources to refer back to throughout my career.

Rachel Juszczyk
Medina County Career Center

Outstanding results

Completion of the Facilitating Career Development Training course through the LDW Group with Linda Woodard was helped in a major way. Because of my 13 years of combined experience working within DCF and it's subsidiaries I went into this training thinking "What can I learn that I don't already know." I was totally wrong! Dr. Woodard taught best practices that were unknown to me but also some forgotten. Her training has also enhanced my knowledge base. I will continue referring back to the resources she has provided during this training and those that were gathered. Thank you so much for giving your strong skills, experience, and training. I have already recommended others to take this training from Dr. Woodard.

Anissa M. Jenkins, MA-HRMG; Career Development
Florida State College at jacksonville