Congrats to LDW Group LLC FCD Completers

Posted by Dr. Linda D Woodard on May 31, 2018

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Celebrate the newest Facilitating Career Development Completers!

May 2018

Left to Right:  Anissa Jenkins, MA-HRMG, Advisor II, Career Development at Florida State College at Jacksonville

Willie Stocker, Second Class Petty Officer, United States Coast Guard

Rachel Juszczyk, District Career Services Support, Medina County Career Center

Dr. Woodard’s New FCD Completers

Posted by Dr. Linda D Woodard on February 10, 2018

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Standing: Maurice Menchan, Erica Mack, Deana Waite, and Pamela Walker; Seated: Temeka Lee, Dr. Linda D. Woodard, and JaVetta Fleury

Join me in congratulating my newest training grads on 2/10/18!

Say Congrats to the New FCD Training Completers

Posted by Dr. Linda D Woodard on February 10, 2018

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Today, Maurice Menchan, Erica Mack, Pamela Walker (standing); Temeka Lee, JaVetta Fleury and Deana Waite (seated) completed the Facilitating Career Development Training! Soon they will be joining the ranks of the thousands of Global Career Development Facilitators around the world! It was great having you do your training with the LDW Group LLC.  Congrats to you all!!!!!

New successful completers of the Facilitating Career Development Training with the LDW Group LLC (2-10-18)


For the monthly training schedule, go to or contact Dr. Linda D. Woodard at to set up training for groups of six or more!

Re-Invent Yourself!!! – Survival Tool #1

Posted by admin on January 21, 2018

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What does it mean to be a Bent Arrow?
Someone who transitions (voluntarily or involuntarily) from one career to another
career focus AND acquires great skills to use at the next career venture.”
Dr. Linda D. Woodard


Have you recently faced a devastating job loss or it looks like you will soon be demoted from your
current position or have you concluded that it’s time to take the high road because you finally
accepted the fact that the value system of your company is diametrically opposed to yours?

If so, remember that Dr. Linda D. Woodard told you that…
LIFE IS NOT OVER–LIFE IS JUST BEGINNING!!! It’s time to Re-Invent Yourself!


Click the link below to enlarge and download Survival Tip #1 – ENJOY!!!!

Tip 1.dox





Click the link below to print out the flyer.

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