Dr. Linda D. Woodard\’s Promoting Thyself! Webinar

Dr. Linda D. Woodard was the featured presenter for the NAU Alumni Webinar Series on February 27, 2017.  She presented \”Promoting Thyself!

The presentation is designed to understand the importance of promoting one\’s favorable qualities and capabilities.  The presentation covers how to bury negatives on the Internet and shares multiple ways in which a job seeker or any other professional can create online profiles to display qualifications.

Dr. Woodard\’s company, LDW Group LLC, also creates career portfolios for mid-career level professionals to use during interviews and at networking events.  If you would like more information about career portfolios, email Dr. Woodard at linda@ldwgroup.biz; also feel free to visit the LDW Group LLC website at http://http://www.ldwgroup.biz/ldwgroup11/career-portfolio-service/


Enjoy the Promoting Thyself! Webinar:



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