News From LDW and the LDW Group – July 2010

It\’s July 1st and I am at the 2010 National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference in San Francisco. Lots of great workshops! Congrats to the Ohio Career Development Association (OCDA) for receiving an award for an outstanding state chapter! Go Dr. Cynthia Marco-Scanlon!

In addition to Cleveland represented well by Cynthia, Sandy Bell, Director-Career Development and Elizabeth Gildone, Career Services for the Cleveland Clinic, gave a great presentation on Career Development and Organizational Talent Management Strategy: Prescriptions for Success. The employees of the Cleveland Clinic are in good hands with these ladies! Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday to all of you blessed with another year in May and June:

Barb Koeth – 5/6
Jamekia Hendrix – 6/4

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