Daniel O’Connor

Assistance from Our One-Stop Operator-Dr. Linda D. Woodard

I am the District Administrator with the Division of Blind Services (DBS) and we are a community partner with an MOU at the One-Stop Career Center in Jacksonville. Dr. Woodard has been instrumental in this partnership coming together and fostering collaboration among partners. We meet at the Gateway Career Center office every week and make use of the resources available to assist our clients in attaining competitive and integrated employment. Dr. Woodard and other collaborators share job leads and community employment activities that provide viable employment options. We are a resource for referrals and for the guidance of accessibility and effective services for people with vision impairments. We appreciate the partnership and hope to only increase the positive energy and opportunities for all partners involved within the next year! Thanks Dr. Woodard for helping DBS and our clients!

Daniel O'ConnorDistrict AdministratorDivision of Blind Services, One-Stop Career Center in JacksonvilleJacksonville, Florida
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