Tip for November-Use of ePortfolios

Electronic Portfolios for College Seniors

Hey folks, I have a senior in college. It is my duty to help her secure a job so that she does not come back home to Cleveland on an extended vacation to live indefinitely with her mom and dad because she can\’t find a job! Just joking but empty nesting is a wonderful thing!

Here\’s my little nursing major – Jennifer A. Woodard!


Seriously, I helped her start her ePortfolio this summer so that she could begin to highlight her course of study along with all of the organizations that she has joined since she started South Carolina State University. When she graduates next year, she\’ll have an electronic history to share with prospective employers. Your kids sometimes are the hardest to work with but when she saw the first draft of her portfolio, she was ecstatic! Although she has a Face Book page like every other college student in America, she is the only one of her friends that has a professional online presentation. She showed her friends and now I am creating one for everyone! I gotta start charging for this! (smile)

Electronic portfolios should not replace the standard re\’sume\’ but college students and even high school seniors should begin to develop these. Young adults adapt easily to them because they are used to electronic formats and gadgets.

For those that have gone through my CDF course, you know I have plenty of these. I absolutely swear by them! Here\’s the one on training with the LDW Group.

Share this resource with your students and clients! I\’ll guarantee you, they\’ll love them!

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