Thanks For Supporting The LDW Group!

Posted by admin on May 21, 2010
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LDW CakeThanks to all my family, friends and colleagues for supporting the LDW Group over this past year! My first year in business offering workforce and career development services has been a blast. I have met some fabulous people and have learned a tremendous amount from them.

I have scheduled Career Development Facilitator (CDF) eLearning classes each month. They have been going great! Each month I will feature some of my graduates from that training because the world should know what magnificient professionals take this course. So look out for the monthly LDW Group Linked for Life Highlight! 56

Had a ball in New Mexico during the first week in May (5-3 through 5-5) at the 2010 National Association of Workforce Development Professionals Conference. I made two presentations–the first one with LNE & Associates’ Lisa Evans and Shaun Woods on Creating a Bridge of Success for TJ Participants in Community Colleges.

The second presentation I was a co-presenter with Beth Lengel, Director of Services at Lengel Vocational Services, Inc. on her presentation, Women and Work: Considering Non-Traditional Options. Beth is my mentor in this business–I just love her! See us in front of the screen before our presentation.

Had a great time at the conference and did some real good networking for the LDW Group!